Spritesheet Shader V1 by Menithal Released under Creative Commons Attribution 29/5/2017

This simple shader allows you to create a looping animated sheet within High Fidelity.

Supports various custom parameters, allowing you to use any row sequential, and transparent spritesheet within High Fidelity without having to touch Shader code.

The Example Sprite-sheet Fox can be used as reference for various parameters that are available for you to edit from the userData using the High Fidelity Editing tools.

  • uRows: Allows you to define the amount of rows the spritesheet has
  • uColumns: Allows you to define the amount of columns the spritesheet has
  • uFps: Defines the frames per second the animation will run at
  • uStartFrame: Defines the starting Frame
  • uEndFrame: Defines the ending Frame
  • uShine: 0-255, Defines the shine amount with 255 being the highest
  • uEmit: 0 or 1 defines if the texture takes in environmental shading or not
  • uAlphaCutoff: 0.0-1.0 Defines the cutoff value for alphas
  • channels: a list where you can define a single url that points to a texture.

Jumping Fox Spritesheet under CC0 No Rights Reserved