Your avatar can finally clap!

This Tablet app allows both HMD users with hand-controllers and keyboard users to clap!

Keyboard users can clap by simply pressing K.

HMD users will have to put their hands together and literally clap! However with this you can also control the amount of volume the clap is at, by simply clapping gently or hard. Just be careful to to smash your controllers together! Best way to do this is to angle your controllers slightly.

The app also adds a new Menu into Tools. This allows you to turn off clapping particles or turn on a helper mode for those who wish master clapping or simply want to venture into scripting! (available to HMD users only)

HMD How to:

Simply try to clap. If you cant get it to work, you can also use a helper mode to adjust the clap distance to your liking

User Helper mode:

You can find this setting under Clap > Note: The idea is not to smash controllers together, you will actually clap at a more leisurely distance.

  • Hold your hands in front, keep them separate from each other.
  • Rotate the controllers so that your palms will point towards each other, and the lines turn green.
  • When Aligned both lines will be green. You can now hold the both grip buttons and adjust the clap distance you want to clap to register your claps in.
  • You can also rotate your hands while moving them closer to cause a clap.

Doing the clapping motion at this distance or smaller will allow you to clap, but you have to turn your hands off alignment (one red) or get out of the distance to reset for a new clap.

Practice will allow you do to golf claps or sarcastic claps...

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 See

Clap sounds by Matti 'Menithal'

Disclamer: Do not hit your controllers together, use the helper tool to get an idea of a good distance (aproximately 25 cm)