Show where people are and teleport around the domain.

  • Works in both HMD and desktop.
  • The center is your camera location.
  • The orientation is per:
    • The tablet in HMD mode.
    • Your camera in desktop mode.
  • Your avatar is a green dot.
  • Other avatars’ dots are colored:
    • Blue if above you.
    • White if level with you.
    • Red if below you.
  • Display names:
    • Hover a dot to show the avatar’s display name.
    • Click a dot to keep its display name showing.
  • Teleport:
    • Click and hold on the radar circle to display a green search circle.
    • The horizontally closest avatar in the circle is highlighted as are any of similar elevation.
    • Release the click to teleport to the circle position at the elevation of the closest avatar, if any, otherwise at your current elevation.
  • Settings dialog:
    • Configure when your avatar dot is displayed.
    • Adjust the display update rate.

Version: 2.1.0-66

Web page:

Release notes: