Fresh and shiny for 2019 and thoroughly prototypical, the SKOOL Flyer is headed your way! This fantastical marvel of a vehicle can transport you and three official passengers in shaky style across forboding digital landscapes! GET IN IT TODAY!

As a total bonus, SKOOL Industries encourages you to make your own improvements to this initial prototype and has magnanimously agreed to share links to the source scripts and models for you to remix and sell your own version here on the High Fidelity Marketplace.


  • Enter the vehicle once rezzed
  • Click on the Blue pad next to the driver's controls to become the driver Driving with dashboard buttons:
  • Click/Laser the Brake button to engage/disengage the brake. When disengaged, the vehicle will move continuously
  • Click/Laser the Forward button to move forward
  • Click/Laser the Left button to move left
  • Click/Laser the Right button to move right
  • Click/Laser the Up button to move up vertically
  • Click/Laser the Down button to move down vertically

  • To exit the vehicle, click the blue pad on the floor in front of the driver's seat

Keyboard Controls:

You can also drive the vehicle with keyboard controls - w,a,s,d for forward, left, backward, and right - r and f for up and down vertically

Source Files: You are invited to download and edit the source files to make your own vehicles and vehicle features. All assets are free and CC- Zero